Board Defends Decision to Relocate Sites of Games

The Board of Education of the El Segundo Unified School District would like to take exception to the article written by Rob Fernas in the Feb. 24 edition of the Los Angeles Times.

The decision to relocate the site of the CIF playoff games for boys' basketball and girls' soccer was not a snap decision made by the superintendent (William Manahan). A lot of thought, consideration and discussion were involved in that decision--a decision that was made by a group consisting of members of the Board of Education, PTA representatives, parents, the El Segundo Police Department and staff members. The sole concern of everyone involved was the safety of every member of all participating teams, as well as their supporters--not whether our team would have "home" advantage or not.

The Board of Education was disappointed, too, that the district's two teams were not successful in their CIF quarterfinal games--they worked and played hard to reach the finals. However, we would like to point out to Mr. Fernas that the Board of Education is comfortable with the decision that was made knowing that there were no incidents, the safety of all the young people involved was not jeopardized, and that winning is not our most important concern. The members of this Board will not compromise its position that the safety of School District students and their supporters will consistently be its primary consideration and concern.

KEITH R. WISE, president; NANCY M. WERNICK, vice president; KENNETH N. SCHOFIELD, clerk; ALAN D. LEITCH, member; CHRISTINE M. SHERRILL, member

El Segundo school board

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