Teen Moms and Adult Reactions

Your article "The Youngest Moms" (View, March 10) was at once poignant and challenging. As a counselor at the school Linda attends, I am pleased with the role El Modena High School is playing in educating this fine young woman and mother. Her tenacity and success in continuing her education is representative of the many fine young women who are students here and in the Orange Unified School District's Teen Mom program.

We are proud of the fact that we have an educational program that ministers to these young ladies. Our Teen Mothers Program is an outstanding example of what school districts can do for young ladies who are pregnant and beyond. Rather than bemoan the fact that teen-agers, and earlier, get pregnant and should be shunned, I am proud of our Teen Mothers program, its leadership and facilities, who and which assure we will not forget that first of all, mothers and children are people and students and deserve the best that we can give.

M. Clifford Cole,


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