BOWLING : Goebel Wrests Lead From Southpaws


Brian Goebel, who bowls from the right side, is in the lead. Yet, as much a highlight on the first day of the $145,000 Kessler PBA tournament in Riverside Wednesday was the awakening of left-handers.

No lefty has won in seven PBA events at Town Square Lanes.

But Andy Neuer, a southpaw from Pennsylvania, averaged 233 for the six-game lead, though he later dropped to fourth.

"I think there is hope for us here," Neuer said. "I never have bowled well on these lanes. But today was different. I feel we have a shot (for strikes in bunches) this week."

Other lefties in the running are Parker Bohn III in fifth and John Mazza in sixth. Southpaws Joe Salvemini and Eric Forkel also bowled well and are in contention to make the first cut.

Goebel took the No. 1 spot by averaging well over the 230 mark in the second round.

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