Plan for Dress Code on Golf Course Fails

A proposal to impose a dress code on a Burbank municipal golf course unraveled Thursday night.

Burbank Park and Recreation commissioners indicated that they felt there are already enough restrictions on unseemly attire at the De Bell course.

Commissioner Gary Canfield placed the item on the agenda, saying he had received complaints about golfers appearing without shirts. He proposed that all players be required to wear spiked golf shoes, that men wear shirts at all times, and that bikini shorts, tank tops or tattered T-shirts be banned.

Course manager Phil Scozzola told the board that duffers who wore inappropriate attire were asked to wear more suitable clothes on their next visit.

Board President Edwin LaRocque commented that "I really don't think there's a problem up there. The rules are defined." Saying "I see no reason to continue discussing this any further," Canfield withdrew the plan.

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