SIMI VALLEY : Revisions Approved in City Truck Routes


The Simi Valley City Council voted Monday to revise the city’s truck route system to reflect residential and industrial development since the system was changed in 1972.

The system, established in 1969, is made up of several major roadways designed for trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds, said Ronald Coons, director of public works.

Among them are Tapo Canyon Road, Los Angeles Avenue, Tierra Rejada Road, Madera Road and a portion of Stearns Street.


The designated roadways, which are marked by signs, are intended to direct truck traffic through the city as quickly and safely as possible. Truckers who deviate from the routes and who are not making deliveries in the city are subject to fines and other penalties, Coons said.

During its meeting Monday, the council deleted the following roadways from the city’s truck route system:

* Kuehner Drive between the Simi Valley Freeway and Santa Susana Pass Road, except for trucks delivering or picking up from manufacturers on Smith Road.

* Los Angeles Avenue from Stearns Street to Kuehner Drive.

* Sequoia Avenue from Los Angeles to Royal avenues, and Royal Avenue from Sequoia Avenue to Appleton Road.

* Tapo Canyon Road south of Los Angeles Avenue.