PRO FOOTBALL : DAILY REPORT : RAMS : Reed Returns, May Be Traded

Less than a month after Coach John Robinson declared that there was “zero” chance of Doug Reed wearing a Ram uniform this season, the veteran defensive lineman was suited up and practicing Tuesday at UC Irvine.

He probably won’t be around for long, though.

Reed, who turned down an offer of $550,000 in January and has been asking to be either waived or traded, settled for a one-year, $200,000 contract.

Robinson would not say if the Rams intend to trade Reed, but unsigned players cannot be traded under NFL rules, and the nine-year veteran became infinitely more marketable when he agreed to the Rams’ low-ball offer.


“We’re at a place where him making a deal on his own didn’t work out and us creating a deal for him didn’t work out,” Robinson said.

Robinson said Reed will get plenty of playing time during Monday night’s exhibition game against the San Diego Chargers at Anaheim Stadium. He said the Rams will evaluate Reed’s performance and “make a decision as to our plans and his plans early next week.”

Reed’s agent, Peter Funsten, said the chances of Reed remaining a Ram beyond next Monday or Tuesday are “a longshot.” If Reed isn’t traded by then he might be released.

“I think that basically we have some sort of understanding as to some basic parameters (for the timing of a trade or Reed’s release),” Funsten said, “but whether that will happen remains to be seen.”

Funsten said his client will “conduct his business in a professional manner, but he’s not necessarily happy.”

Reed declined to comment.

Safety Alfred Newman was poked in the eye during the morning workout and sat out the afternoon session. He is scheduled to return to practice today. . . . Wide receiver Greg Harris, a free agent from Troy State, was released to make room for Reed.