Coming to the Defense of Westminster High

I could not believe the article that I read in your paper. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that I was back in 1960 living in Alabama.

First, I should tell you that I happen to be black. I know that I happen to be black. I know that it shouldn't make a difference, but somehow I think that with you, it does. Anyway, I was born in Virginia and went to all-black schools. It was not until I went into the armed forces that I began to have any communications with any other race of people. How sad . . . I was an adult before I ate, held conversations, slept, played with or dated any other race.

Sure, we have bad kids at Westminster High School. But so do Marina, Edison, Fountain Valley and others.

My son and daughter attended Westminster High School. They were both very involved in activities. My daughter was selected to sing the national anthem at graduation. My son made all-league in football and basketball. Today they are both great human beings with a vast knowledge of other cultures.

It was awesome when I came into the house one day and my son had some of his friends over. They were watching a Mike Tyson fight. In his company were three whites, two Samoans, three Asians, two Mexicans and two blacks.

I'm very proud of the fact that my children have been exposed to so many kinds of cultures. Westminster High School is just like anywhere else: If you're looking for trouble, you're going to find it. If you stay away from trouble, you won't have any problems.



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