PRO FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : RAIDERS : Team Leaves Oxnard to Come Home to El Segundo Facility


The Raiders practiced for the final time in Oxnard Thursday and will move their training camp back to their year-round facility in El Segundo today.

“Everybody’s ready to go home,” Coach Art Shell said. “We just want to get back to familiar surroundings. It’s like taking a two-week vacation. After a week, you’re ready to go home.”

The Raiders opened camp in Oxnard on July 7.

Free-agent wide receiver Darrel Hopper was excused from Thursday’s practice to take care of personal business, Shell said.


Rookie tailback Nick Bell, who suffered a severe hamstring injury in Tokyo, is walking without much of a limp during his daily rehabilitation walks around the practice field. There’s still no word on when Bell might return. “It’s a big hamstring,” Shell said.

The Raiders must reduce their roster to 60 players by Tuesday. Some NFL teams have already trimmed from their present 80-man rosters, but Shell said the Raiders would not likely make cuts before the deadline.

“We don’t feel we have to rush into cutting people,” Shell said. “Some organizations cut people for different reasons. We want to get a good look at everybody. If we have to take another look, we’ll take one more look. We won’t cut a guy just because we’re ready to break camp and we don’t want to house them at a hotel. We’re not going to do that. Like I’ve said, this organization is different.”

The Raiders must reduce to their final 47-man roster by Aug. 26.