EMMY AWARDS : The Other Winners

Informational series: “The Civil War,” PBS (producers Ken Burns, Ric Burns, Stephen Ives, Julie Dunfey, Mike Hill, Catherine Eisele).

Animated program (one hour or less): “The Simpsons,” Fox (producers James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jay Kogen, Wallace Wolodarsky, Richard Sakai, Larina Jean Adamson, George Meyer, Gabor Csupo, Sherry Gunther, writer Steve Pepoon, director Rich Moore).

Variety, music or comedy program: “The 63rd Annual Academy Awards,” ABC (producer Gilbert Cates).


Classical program in the performing arts: “Tchaikovsky 150th Birthday Gala From Leningrad,” PBS (producers Peter Gelb, Helmut Rost, Anne Cauvin, Laura Mitgang).

Informational special: “American Masters: Edward R. Murrow--This Reporter,” PBS (producers Susan Lacy, Susan Steinberg, Elizabeth Kreutz, Harlene Freezer).

Children’s program: “You Can’t Grow Home Again: A 3-2-1 Contact Extra,” PBS (producers Anne MacLeod, Tom Cammisa.

Supporting actor, comedy series: Jonathan Winters, “Davis Rules,” ABC.

Supporting actor, drama series: Timothy Busfield, “thirtysomething,” ABC.

Supporting actor, miniseries or special: James Earl Jones, “Heat Wave,” TNT.

Supporting actress, comedy series: Bebe Neuwirth, “Cheers,” NBC.

Supporting actress, drama series: Madge Sinclair, “Gabriel’s Fire,” ABC.

Supporting actress, miniseries or special: Ruby Dee, “Decoration Day,” NBC.

Guest actor, comedy series: Jay Thomas, “Murphy Brown,” CBS.

Guest actor, drama series: David Opatoshu, “Gabriel’s Fire,” ABC.

Guest actress, comedy series: Colleen Dewhurst, “Murphy Brown,” CBS.

Guest actress, drama series: Peggy McCay, “The Trials of Rosie O’Neill,” CBS.

Individual performance, variety or music program: Billy Crystal (host), “The 63rd Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.

Writing, comedy series: Gary Dontzig, Steven Peterman, “Murphy Brown,” CBS.

Writing, drama series: David E. Kelley, “L.A. Law,” NBC.

Writing, variety or music program: Hal Kantor, Buz Kohan, Billy Crystal, David Steinberg, Bruce Vilanch, Robert Wuhl, “The 63rd Annual Academy Awards,” ABC.

Writing, miniseries or special: Andrew Davies, “Masterpiece Theatre: House of Cards,” PBS.

Directing, comedy series: James Burrows, “Cheers,” NBC.

Directing, drama series: Thomas Carter, “Equal Justice,” ABC.

Directing, variety or music program: Hal Gurnee, “Late Night With David Letterman,” NBC.

Directing, miniseries or special: Brian Gibson, “The Josephine Baker Story,” HBO.

Art direction, series: John C. Mula, Kevin Pfeiffer, Brian Savegar, “Dinosaurs,” ABC.

Art direction, variety or music program: John Shaffner, Joe Stewart, “The Magic of David Copperfield XIII: Mystery on the Orient Express,” CBS.

Art direction, miniseries or special: Jozsef Romvari, Dean Tschetter, “The Josephine Baker Story,” HBO.

Casting: Alixe Gorbin, “Separate but Equal,” ABC.

Choreography: Debbie Allen, “Motown 30: What’s Goin’ ON!,” CBS.

Cinematography, series: Michael Watkins, “Quantum Leap,” NBC.

Cinematography, miniseries or special: Gayne Rescher, “Jackie Collins’ Lucky/Chances,” NBC.

Costuming, series: Patrick R. Norris, Linda Serijan-Fasmer, “thirtysomething,” ABC.

Costuming, miniseries or special: Michael T. Boyd, Cathy A. Smith, Bud Clark, “Son of the Morning Star,” ABC.

Costume design, series: Bill Hargate, “Murphy Brown,” CBS.

Costume design, miniseries or special: Maria Hruby, Gyorgyi Vidak, “The Josephine Baker Story,” HBO.

Costume design, variety or music program: Ret Turner, Bob Mackie, “Carol & Company,” NBC.

Editing, series (single-camera production): Joe Ann Fogle, “Cop Rock,” ABC.

Editing, miniseries or special (single-camera production): John Wright, “Sarah, Plain and Tall,” CBS.

Editing, series (multi-camera production): Tucker Wiard, “Murphy Brown,” CBS.

Editing, miniseries or special (multi-camera production): David Gumpel, Girish Bhargava, “The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson,” CBS.

Graphic design and title sequences: Steve Martino, Jeff Doud, Jon Townley, Thomas Barham, “ABC World of Discovery,” ABC.

Hairstyling, series: Dee Dee Petty, Jan Van Uchelelen, Susan Boyd, “Dark Shadows,” NBC.

Hairstyling, miniseries or special: Aldo Signoretti, Ferdinando Merolla, Katalin Kajtar, “The Josephine Baker Story,” HBO.

Lighting direction (electronic), comedy series: George Spiro Dibie, “Growing Pains,” ABC.

Lighting direction (electronic), drama series, variety series, miniseries or special: William M. Klages, “The 33rd Annual Grammy Awards,” CBS; Bob Dickinson, “The Magic of David Copperfield XIII: Mystery on the Orient Express,” CBS.

Makeup, series: Gerald Quist, Michael Mills, Jeremy Swan, Douglas D. Kelly, “Quantum Leap,” NBC.

Makeup, miniseries or special: Joe McKinney, Hank Edds, Paul Sanchez, T. C. Williams, “Son of the Morning Star,” ABC.

Music composition, series: John Debney, “The Young Riders,” ABC.

Music composition, miniseries or special: Richard Bellis, “Stephen King’s ‘IT,’ ” ABC.

Music direction: Ian Fraser, Bill Byers, Chris Boardman, J. Hill, “The Walt Disney Company Presents The American Teacher Awards,” Disney Channel.

Music and lyrics: Randy Newman, “Cop Rock,” ABC.

Sound editing, series: William Wistrom, James Wolvington, Mace Matiosian, Wilson Dyer, Masanobu (Tomi) Tomita, Dan Yale, Gerry Sackman, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” syn.

Sound editing, miniseries or special: G. Michael Graham, Joseph A. Melody, Rick Steele, Mark Steele, Gary Macheel, Charles Beith Jr., Mark Freidgen, Dan Luna, Michael J. Wright, Bob Costanza, Chris Assells, David McMoyler, Bill Bell, Scot Tinsley, Philip Jamtaas, Andre Caporaso, Stephen Grubbs, Kristi Johns, John Caper, “Son of the Morning Star,” ABC.

Sound mixing, comedy series or special: Joe Kenworthy, Dean Okrand, William Thiederman, Michael Getlin, “Doogie Howser, M.D.,” ABC.

Sound mixing, variety or music series or special: Ed Greene, Terry Kulchar, “Carnegie Hall: Live at 100,” PBS.

Sound mixing, drama series: Alan Bernard, Doug Davey, Chris Haire, Richard Morrison, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” syn.

Sound mixing, drama miniseries or special: Nelson Stoll, Thomas J. Huth, Sam Black, Anthony Costantini, “Son of the Morning Star,” ABC.

Technical direction/camera/video, series: Jerry Weiss, Marty Brown, Dave Owen, Marvin Shearer, Mark Warshaw, Rich Rose, “Married People,” ABC.

Technical direction/camera/video, miniseries or special: Keith Winikoff, Sam Drummy, Dave Levisohn, Bill Philbin, Hector Ramirez, “The Magic of David Copperfield XIII: Mystery on the Orient Express,” CBS.

Individual achievement, informational programming: Geoffrey C. Ward, Ric Burns, Ken Burns (writers), “The Civil War,” PBS; Todd McCarthy (writer), “American Masters: Preston Sturges: The Rise and Fall of an American Dreamer,” PBS; Peter Gelb, Susan Froemke, Albert Maysles, Bob Eisenhardt (directors), “Soldiers of Music: Rostropovich Returns to Russia,” PBS.

Individual achievement, classical music/dance programming: Kurt Moll, “The Ring of Nibelung,” PBS; Yo-Yo Ma, “Tchaikovsky 150th Birthday Gala From Leningrad,” PBS.

Individual achievement, animation: Terese Drilling, Jeff Mulcaster, “Will Vinton’s Claymation Comedy of Horrors,” CBS.

Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Technical Achievement Award: Harry Lubcke.

Founder’s Award: Syd Cassyd.

Engineering Awards: Vari-Lite Inc., J. L. Fisher Inc., Graham-Patten Systems Inc., Camera Platforms International Inc.

Governors’ Award: “Masterpiece Theatre,” PBS.