Aftermath of Fire at Jordan Downs

A disturbing trend is rearing its ugly head in Los Angeles, which stands to explode in a volcanic eruption. It is the escalating feud between inner-city ethnic groups over housing, neighborhoods, jobs and the right to exist. America is a melting pot composed of different groups and cultures who must learn to live together. The recent firebombing of an apartment in Jordan Downs is tragic but the answer is not separatism. More than ever the community needs to come together to find those responsible so that they can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Wrong is wrong no matter what color the perpetrators are and that should be the major focus instead of one group blaming the other for the perils in the community.

Drug dealers, crime, gangs, unemployment and racial disparity will not go away simply because groups separate into their own little camps. It will take a concerted effort of those who want a better, safer place to live, to help eradicate the ills that plague their community. Politicians, law enforcement and other government entities cannot do it alone. People have to share the responsibility of what happens in their neighborhoods if positive change is to be made.

If history has taught nothing else let us remember that unity is the key to survival.


Los Angeles

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