Manzanar Site

We are pleased that the Department of Water and Power (DWP) supports the Manzanar Committee. Over the years, we have received assistance from DWP in conducting our annual pilgrimages to Manzanar as Michael Gage wrote in his letter (Aug. 31).

We support the department's efforts to secure appropriate amendments to the Manzanar National Historic Site bill (S 621/HR 543), which will adequately protect Los Angeles' water-gathering efforts in Owens Valley while maintaining the integrity of the bill.

However, we question Gage's statement that he and the department fully support the establishment of Manzanar as a national historic site. Gage and the department would not continue to push for the DWP proposed "memorial site" to be established at Manzanar "comparable to the National Park Service proposal," while S 621 sits in the Senate committee awaiting action. And in spite of our request to show good faith by withdrawing the proposal.

The DWP proposal is highly inappropriate and totally unacceptable to the Manzanar Committee for many reasons, the important one being that Manzanar has national significance and local jurisdiction does not give Manzanar the integrity and national recognition it deserves.


Manzanar Committee, Los Angeles

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