Run and Shoot: 258-141 : It’s Basketball, Not Electronics, as Troy State Shatters Scoring Record Against DeVry Institute

From Associated Press

Troy State eclipsed its own NCAA scoring record on Sunday, averaging more than six points a minute in a 258-141 victory over DeVry Institute.

The Division II Trojans turned in a record-setting performance for the second year in a row against DeVry, an Atlanta computer college that is a member of NAIA Division II.

Last year, Troy State beat DeVry, 187-116, setting NCAA marks--regardless of division--for most points in a game by one team and most points in a half, 103. It didn’t take long for those records to fall on Sunday.

The Trojans (13-3) led, 123-53, at halftime, then did even better in the second half with 135 points. They became the first NCAA team to score 200 points when Steve Hunt made a three-pointer with 7:57 remaining.

“It’s a great feeling, knowing we’re a part of history--probably forever or at least for a long time,” said junior forward Terry McCord, who led the Trojans with 41 points.


The game also set a record for most points, 399. The NCAA mark had been 331 in Loyola Marymount’s 181-150 victory over U.S. International in 1989.

“This is the best kind of style,” McCord said of Troy’s run-and-gun. “You have a lot of freedom, you don’t have to worry about a lot of plays being run. You shoot whenever you think you’ve got a shot.”

Then he added: “You don’t necessarily have to have a shot. Just think you’ve got a shot.”

The Trojans shot 102 for 190 (54.7%), including 51 for 109 from three-point range.