New Pipeline Now Sending Natural Gas to DWP

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is receiving natural gas through a pipeline from Wyoming, a move that will help the utility reduce pollution at its four power plants, officials said Thursday.

The DWP is the first electric utility in Southern California to get gas through the new Kern River pipeline, said Eldon A. Cotton, DWP's assistant general manager for power.

The gas, which began arriving this week, will reduce the utility's reliance on oil-based fuel, Cotton said.

When the pipeline kicks into full operation March 1, it will supply the DWP with enough gas to power 60% of its four local power plants, said Roger Pelote, the DWP's natural gas supply manager. The pipeline began operating Saturday. The DWP, which buys the gas from producers in Wyoming and other states, has negotiated rights to use the pipeline with the firms that run it. It is one of a number of pipelines now being developed in the Rocky Mountain region and Canada to ship natural gas to the West Coast, Pelote said.

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