Countywide : Haddock Supported for Disasters Office

Ventura County supervisors will be asked Tuesday to appoint Wendy E. Haddock assistant director of disaster services to help coordinate federal emergency aid as a result of county disasters, including February's floods.

Haddock, a program administrator with the county Office of Emergency Services, will also be designated as the county hazard mitigation officer in order to comply with guidelines for federal disaster assistance.

Sheriff John V. Gillespie, who acts as the county director of disaster services, is recommending that Haddock be appointed to the post. As Gillespie's assistant, Haddock will be responsible for developing hazard mitigation proposals, Assistant Sheriff Richard S. Bryce wrote in a memo to supervisors.

In the four years Haddock has worked with emergency services, she has helped update plans for the county hazardous material response team and for off-shore oil cleanup crews.

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