OXNARD : Housing Panel Hikes Security Deposits

The Oxnard Housing Authority on Tuesday agreed to increase security deposits by 20% for present tenants and 134% for newcomers and those who fail to maintain their apartments.

The new rates are effective immediately, but a 30-day review and comment period will begin April 1. The new security deposits range in price from $60 for a studio to $360 for a five-bedroom apartment.

Tenants affected by the 20% increase may pay the security deposit within six months; those who must pay the 134% increase can do so within one year.

The increased rates will allow the Housing Authority to recover about $10,000 of unpaid rent, damages and cleaning charges, according to a city report.

In a separate action, the Housing Authority agreed to install bulletproof windows in rental offices of the Colonia Senior Center and Pleasant Valley Village as a safety precaution.

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