Countywide : Restaurant Closed for Lack of Permits

A Thousand Oaks restaurant that opened without city and county permits has been shut down indefinitely, county officials said.

The St. Charles Street Cafe was closed by inspectors from the county's Environmental Health Department on April 21 because it was operating without a health permit, said Elizabeth Huff, an administrator with the department. The eatery also did not receive approval from the city, she said.

The owners won't be allowed to reopen the restaurant until all permits have been obtained, she said. Huff did not have information on the restaurant owner or when the establishment on St. Charles Street opened. Two Oxnard eateries were briefly closed during April, according to a county report. Mercado de Plaza, on 5th Street, and Burger King, on Ventura Road, were both temporarily closed because their sewers backed up. Mercado de Plaza made repairs and opened within a day. Burger King reopened after three days, the report says.

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