Portrayal of Assemblyman Unfair

Since The Times has never supported me, I am not surprised that you have again endorsed my opponent for the Republican nomination (May 24). Frankly, as a proud and outspoken conservative, I would be embarrassed if I were to have the endorsement of California’s most liberal newspaper.

What I find truly appalling, however, is the manner in which your editorial proceeds to denigrate me and my record.

I authored or co-authored 243 bills which became law during my time in the Assembly. They involved virtually every area of public policy--especially public safety, transportation, taxes and our economy. Some are among the most significant bipartisan bills to pass the Legislature in years.

Your editorial ignores all this. Instead, you say I am known “chiefly” by what I have opposed. You go on to claim I have a “personal vendetta” against Tom Hayden and that as a result, I have had “little time to offer constructive legislation.” That legislation is exactly what I put before your eyes. As for Hayden, the effort to expel him from the Assembly under Article VII, Section 9 of our state Constitution was made in 1986. It took two days and wasn’t, as you imply, a crusade.


Instead of honestly taking me to task for my views and opposing me for office, you resort to name-calling. “Troglodyte” is one of those silver-dollar epithets intended to make character assassination seem high-minded.

I’m sure that The Times would be happy with the views of my opponent, Mrs. (Mary) Hornbuckle, on all issues. After all, the radical National Organization for Women has joined The Times in endorsing her and sent its president out here to campaign for her.

However, an organization which is so far to the left of even the Democratic Party that it is considering the formation of a “feminist party,” and which considers lesbianism and bisexuality as central to its agenda, clearly does not reflect the beliefs and values of the vast majority of people in Orange County or this Assembly district.

I do reflect their values. I will be returned to Sacramento despite The Times, the NOW gang and my opponent.




70th District

Newport Beach