The ‘Dog Days Return


Look, up in the sky!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Rocket Squirrel? Is it Mighty Mouse? Is it Superman?

No, it’s Underdog! Yes, Underdog. Everyone’s favorite canine hero and high-flying popular attraction in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And never fear! Nickelodeon has begun showing repeats of the 125 episodes of the classic animated series.

Nick also has added the beloved “The Bullwinkle Show” to its cartoon kingdom lineup, which features the venerable “Looney Tunes,” “Inspector Gadget,” “Danger Mouse” and “Heathcliff” and the original Nick toons of “Doug,” “Rugrats” and “The Ren & Stimpy Show.”


Set in Washington, D.C., “Underdog” follows the exploits of the mild-mannered, lovable and humble pooch, Shoeshine Boy, who is actually Underdog, fearless crusader for justice and the American way.

Covering Underdog’s adventures is sweet ace-television reporter Polly Purebred. Underdog’s chief nemesis is the evil scientist, Bar Sinister, and his equally vile aide, Cad.

The late Wally Cox, who came to fame in the ‘50s as the star of the acclaimed sitcom, “Mr. Peepers,” is the voice of Underdog and his endearing performance is part of the reason for Underdog’s longevity.

“Underdog” originally premiered Oct. 3, 1964, as part of NBC’s Saturday morning cartoon lineup. It moved to CBS in 1966 and soared back in 1968 to NBC, where it aired for another five years.


“Underdog” airs weekdays at 4 on Nickelodeon.