Drawing Released of CHP Suspect

Homicide investigators, searching for a gunman who shot and killed an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer Thursday evening on a downtown Los Angeles street, have released a composite drawing of the suspect--a bespectacled Latino man with curly hair, about 30 years old, who fled in a light-blue pickup.

The pickup was identified as a late-model Toyota or Nissan with a white camper shell and distinctive blue scrollwork trim, Sgt. Frank Garcia of the Los Angeles Police Department said Saturday. Earlier, the CHP, which is investigating the slaying in cooperation with Los Angeles police, announced that investigators had a partial license number--3J33.

The suspect is wanted in the murder of CHP Officer Fidel Aleman, 33, who was killed with a shotgun after flashing his headlights at the pickup driver for cutting him off on the freeway, authorities said.

Aleman is the first CHP officer to be killed by gunfire since 1982. Investigators asked persons with information on the suspect to contact either the LAPD at (213) 485-2129 or the CHP at (213) 736-3374.

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