Clinic's Care Criticized

The Dec. 6 article "Clinic, Family at Odds Over Father's Care" brought back to me a flood of angry feelings. My mother also was enrolled in Secure Horizons and was seeing doctors at the Buenaventura Clinic in Oxnard. She died nearly three years ago at St. John's Hospital. I think of it every day and I must say that I have to agree with Barbara Montano when she said, "You give better care to dying animals than they gave this man." That is exactly the way I feel about my mother's final days.

Dr. Margaret Bischel's statement that she is "a little angry with the family" just really upset me. And if she thinks that 59,999 other patients love and appreciate the clinic, she should bother to ask some of them how they really feel. I wonder how she would feel if this situation had occurred with a person from her own family?



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