Praise for VanderKolk

In a recent letter to The Times, Rosie McCabe railed against the Ahmanson project and Supervisor Maria VanderKolk. She conveniently forgot to mention in her diatribe that she sold out the environmental cause a long time ago when she moved into a large, expensive suburban home, purchased several automobiles and decided to have not one, not two, but three children. Most bona fide environmentalists will tell you that over-population is the biggest threat to the environment, not the Ahmanson project.

This level of hypocrisy should come as no surprise, though. Mrs. McCabe and all her cronies at Save Open Space have traveled down the same primrose path. Now that they have the opportunity to live the happy, comfortable, upper-middle class life, they wish to slam the door shut on our county's economic future. By the way, most of the leaders of SOS live in Los Angeles County, not Ventura County.


Newbury Park

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