Man Throws Daughter, 3, Off Bridge, Then Jumps

From Associated Press

A Fremont man apparently distraught over a breakup with his wife threw his 3-year-old daughter off the Golden Gate Bridge and then jumped over the side, authorities said Thursday.

Steven Page, 35, was also believed to be connected with the death of his wife--Nancy Page, 37--earlier in the day, police said.

The Coast Guard retrieved the bodies of Steven Page and his daughter from San Francisco Bay, said Shelly Freier, a Coast Guard spokeswoman.


Bridge officials approached Page as he was walking suspiciously close to the edge of the bridge with a bundle in his arms, said California Highway Patrol Officer Hal Rosendahl.

“They realized the bundle was a child. As they got closer to him, he threw the child over the railing and jumped himself,” Rosendahl said. The child’s name was not released.

Authorities found evidence at the bridge indicating that Page and his wife were going through a divorce, he said. He declined to elaborate on the type of evidence.

Fremont Police Sgt. Rich Phillips said authorities were investigating Nancy Page’s death when they received a call from San Francisco police about the woman’s husband and daughter.

Phillips said investigators found a letter written by Steven Page to his 9-year-old stepson. In the letter, Page apologized to the boy for what had happened, he said. The boy, whose identity has not been released, was in school at the time of the deaths.

Phillips said relatives called the Fire Department at 1:28 p.m. to report Nancy Page’s death. Police would only say she died of unnatural causes.