Help for the Dogs

The article “Giving Strays a Leash on Life” (Feb. 13) presented an accurate, thorough picture of animal control services in southern Orange County and the growing movement to pro-life, humane shelters. As a representative of ARF, the Animal Rescue Foundation of Dana Point Inc., I am happy to report to that the response we have had since the article has been overwhelming.

In addition to needing funds for animal foster care, spaying and neutering etc., we had a special fund-raiser underway for a 2-year-old abandoned cocker spaniel named Bud in need of expensive cataract surgery to restore his sight.

Thanks to the tremendous outreach of support for Bud and the other animals of Dana Point, we not only received enough money for Bud’s eye operation, but we also found permanent homes for Bud and several other orphaned dogs, two of whom were scheduled to be put to sleep that very day.



President, Animal Rescue Foundation

Dana Point