2 Held in Robbery of Store Customer


Oxnard police arrested two men on charges of strong-armed robbery after they allegedly beat and robbed a man at Mr. K’s Bookstore, officials said Monday.

Angel Gonzales, 21, of Camarillo, and Todd Helling, 23, a transient, were taken into custody early Sunday after they stole a wallet containing $30 from Carl Jablonski, 55, of Oxnard, police said.

The suspects knocked on a viewing booth door, told Jablonski that they were managers and needed to speak with him, then pinned him against the wall and took his wallet, police said.


Officers conducting a search of the neighborhood detained the suspects a short time later, reports said.

The victim sustained a minor cut to the top of his head and complained of pain to his left shoulder and rib cage, police said.