SIMI VALLEY : Completion of Road Project to Be Marked

Simi Valley officials will conduct a ceremony today to mark the completion of a $3.4-million road widening and reconstruction project on First Street between Los Angeles Avenue and the Simi Valley Freeway.

The event begins at 4 p.m. at the northwest corner of First and Cochran streets.

Construction began in August, causing portions of the street to be closed temporarily. The city’s auto dealers and a number of car-related businesses are located along First Street, and several owners expressed concern last year that the road repairs would hurt their sales.

“There was a certain amount of stress on the auto dealers,” said Mayor Greg Stratton. “But it was difficult for them to tell whether it was the economy or the street work.”


The widening and reconstruction work, slated for completion by the end of December, was delayed by the unusually heavy winter rains and the need to relocate power and water lines, said George Berg, the city engineer.

The city increased the number of traffic lanes from four to six on this section of First Street, which carries about 32,500 vehicles a day.