The Gig (Bravo Sunday at 8 p.m.,...

The Gig (Bravo Sunday at 8 p.m., again Tuesday at 10 p.m.) Writer-director Frank Gilroy's largely overlooked comedy is a gem, a wonderfully winning account of a quintet of amateur jazzmen, all of them middle-aged urban professionals, who unexpectedly land a professional gig at a Catskills resort. Wayne Rogers and Cleavon Little star.

To Sleep with Anger (HBO Monday at 10:45 a.m.) With his pungent and richly comic 1990 drama writer-director Charles Burnett reaches into myths and superstitions, suggesting that Danny Glover's brilliantly detailed Harry Mention is something more than an insinuating old friend come to visit his boyhood pal (Paul Butler).

Journey of Hope (Cinemax Tuesday at 6 a.m.) Swiss filmmaker Xavier Koller's 1990 Oscar-winner tells of a group of Turks and its struggle to get into Switzerland.

Tokyo Story (KCET Saturday at 11 p.m.) Yasujiro Ozu's great 1953 meditation on the fleetingness of life has a conclusion is as subtle as it is unforgettable.

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