STANTON : Councilman Urges ‘No’ on Measure A


City Councilman Harry M. Dotson will try to get his council colleagues to approve a resolution tonight opposing Measure A, the June 8 ballot measure that asks voters whether to allow card clubs in the city.

In his draft of the resolution, Dotson points out that Measure A does not limit the number of card clubs that could open in the city. He wrote that the city doesn’t know how much money could be raised by clubs or how much it would cost the city to monitor them.

“The timing is right,” Dotson said of his resolution, which urges residents to vote against Measure A.


Councilman Joe V. Harris, who signed a ballot argument in support of Measure A, condemned Dotson’s resolution.

“Let the voters decide for themselves,” Harris said. “I could have done the same thing and written up a resolution. If you want to run your campaign, then run your campaign, but don’t bring it into the council meeting.”

Four of the council members, including Dotson, called for the June 8 special election at the request of local developer Ard Keuilian, who wants to open a card club in Stanton.

Keuilian, a co-owner of the Indoor Swap Meet of Stanton, said the club would bring in $2 million to $3 million annually for the city.

Councilman William C. Estrada has said he will vote against Measure A. Councilman Don Martinez opposed holding the June election, and Councilman Sal Sapien has not yet stated his position.

Under state law, Stanton voters must decide whether to allow card clubs in the city. The council would then oversee the terms of operation.


Dotson and former Councilman David John Shawver have organized a campaign against Measure A. They said they are walking door to door to distribute information. Keuilian and the other owners of the Indoor Swap Meet of Stanton have hired a consultant and opened a campaign office at 7936 Cerritos Ave.