* Re “Taggers Debate Their Critics, Who See No Art in Graffiti,” Sept. 1:

There should be no debate regarding this issue. If a private citizen, within the limits of his private property, decides to help youth by having a mural painted, then he and the artists should be supported, not criticized. When there are so many youth problems plaguing this city (gang violence for instance), I feel heartened that these young people are choosing to paint a mural promoting community values of “respect” instead of tagging. The Graffiti Busters have gone too far in their zealous crusade against graffiti. By trying to shut down the activity of this group, the Busters are leaving the community wide open for increased vandalism and tagging because now there will be no legal (read “controllable or regulated”) options for the youth to express themselves.

City Council members, listen up! We need more programs such as the Graffiti Alternatives Awareness Program in order to give our young people positive alternatives to tagging and vandalism.



Los Angeles