Wall May Be Built to Deter Graffiti

Hoping to reduce the potential for graffiti vandalism in the city’s Metrolink parking lot, the Moorpark City Council will consider today whether to spend about $10,000 to construct a wall at one entrance.

The council in March agreed to construct an eight-foot block wall at the Bard Street entrance to the Metrolink lot to deter vandalism and make the area safer for children who frequently play in the Metrolink lot, said Mary Lindley, assistant to the city manager.

But city estimates that the wall would cost only $3,840 were faulty and the actual cost of construction is now set at roughly $10,000, Lindley said. The council today will be asked to appropriate the balance of the money needed to build the wall, she said.

The original move to construct the wall was in response to a rash of graffiti vandalism in the lot shortly after the commuter rail service debuted in October, 1992.


But vandalism reports have fallen off dramatically since the city added a full-time security guard to patrol the lot earlier this year.

The council will consider whether to build the wall at its meeting beginning at 7 p.m. in City Hall, 799 Moorpark Ave.