VAN NUYS : Windfall to Boost Valley College Classes

A sudden windfall of funds is allowing Los Angeles Valley College to offer 32 more classes for the fall semester.

The college is able to add the classes as a result of an unexpected infusion of $763,000 from the Los Angeles Community College District, officials said.

Originally, the district cut classes, anticipating a funding drop. Valley College trimmed its schedule by 12.5%, turning away hundreds of students when classes were filled up.

“For students who didn’t get in any classes, it means a lot,” Shannon Stack, public relations specialist for the college, said of the new classes. “If they’re currently enrolled, this may allow them to get a very needed subject requirement.”


The windfall comes from $5 million in district reserves and cuts in district office expenses. Some of the funds at Valley College will be used to pay for professors to teach the fall classes. The remaining funds will be used to provide about 80 to 90 new classes in the spring, Stack said.

Some students, Stack predicted, will sign up for the extra classes even if it means overloading their schedules, out of worry that the courses will be cut again.

“It means a lot of hours,” said Stack. “The students are taking double hours on this. Generally, you’re in class three hours a week. With this, you’re going to be in class six hours a week.”

Courses in art, biology, child development, history, political science, psychology, statistics, sociology and English are among those added to the schedule.


The 32 classes will be open to all students. Registration will be between Sept. 27 and Oct. 4.

“It’s really first-come, first-served,” Stack said.