Trump and Friends Cheer Novel No. 2

The Scene: Monday night’s party honoring Ivana Trump on the publication of her second novel, “Free to Love.” Socialite Nikki Haskell threw the bash at the restaurant Tatou in Beverly Hills, drawing a large contingent of celebrities and society types. “I’m her oldest friend in New York,” said Haskell. “I was there for the birth of all three of her children.” What did Haskell think of the book? “I haven’t had time to read it yet.”

Who Was There: Richard Dean Anderson, Jackie Bisset, Jack Carter, Tony Curtis, Phyllis Diller, Fred Dryer, Sally Kirkland, Suzanne Pleshette, Cybill Shepherd, Suzanne Somers, Brenda Vaccaro, and Raquel Welch. Also on hand were L.A. superlawyers Gloria Allred and Steve Lerman, as well as talk-show hosts Steve Edwards, Cyndy Garvey and Gary Collins. (As Collins breezed by, Garvey quipped, “I’m glad they didn’t stick me with that needle.”)

Dress Code: Beverly Hills high style--that is, jackets were required for the men, but brassieres were optional for the women.

Favors: Copies of “Free to Love” were scattered on the tables. For those who prefer their romance in their cars, the books-on-tape version was also provided.


Photo Op of the Night: Trump and romance novel cover boy Fabio, who were dressed similarly--blond locks, black outfits and lots of cleavage. “Isn’t she sexy?” purred Fabio, going in for the clinch.

Overheard: “I’ve been out in front of Shannen Doherty’s house all weekend,” moaned one tabloid photographer. A gossip columnist told Steve Lerman, “You were Rodney King’s lawyer? I know his limo driver.” But our favorite overheard was said by a woman heading for the door: “Whoops! I accidentally called Steve Edwards ‘Regis.’ ”

Quoted: “I’m writing a nonfiction book now. It’ll be out next year. It’s full of advice and support for women,” Trump said, adding that she’s now weighing offers to write a syndicated advice column. “You can throw me into the worlds of sports, business and society. I know about all of those things.” Asked who her literary influences were, Trump said, “I read my competition: Danielle Steel, Dominick Dunne and Jackie Collins.”