Coyotes Can’t Be Expected to Move

* In response to the article on coyote attacks on domestic animals (“Coyote Populace Puts Pet Owners on the Defensive,” Feb. 13), I want to say to Ms. Klunder and her neighbors that the development you are living in was unspoiled land just a few years ago. It is unreasonable to expect the wild animals living there to simply pack up and move in this amount of time.

I assume you selected your home in part because of its proximity to the open land and your contact with “nature.” I am also a cat owner and sympathize with your heartbreak over losing your pets. My cat lives outdoors, but I live in an old, established neighborhood, with possums and maybe the occasional raccoon as our wildlife representatives. I would be very hesitant to let a beloved pet roam the open countryside and I’m sure I would be very upset, but not at all surprised, if that pet were to disappear.

I feel the animal control officials are doing all they should be required to do, that is, informing the public about coyotes and their habits. Any talk of trapping and relocating these animals is unrealistic.