LOS ANGELES : Fumes Reported as Child Is Treated at County-USC

Fumes from a chemical apparently ingested by a child made some emergency room workers lightheaded at County-USC Medical Center on Wednesday night and prompted a response from a hazardous materials team.

"Initial reports are that it appears that the child has ingested some type of chemical, and the chemical was brought into the emergency room with the child," said Jim Wells, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman.

The child was taken to the pediatric emergency room of the Women's Hospital at the medical center, Wells said.

The child was reported in critical condition. The emergency room workers were not seriously affected and were reportedly able to continue to care for the youngster.

Fumes emanating from the body of a cancer patient brought to a Riverside County hospital recently overcame medical workers, some of whom had to be hospitalized. That case is still under investigation.

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