McClintock’s Ballot Designation OKd

A Sacramento Superior Court judge has ruled that former Thousand Oaks Assemblyman Tom McClintock is entitled to the designation “taxpayer advocate” when his name appears on the ballot this year for state controller.

Judge James Ford ruled late Friday that McClintock should be allowed to use the title because he has worked as director of the Center for the California Taxpayer since he left the state Legislature after 10 years in office.

Acting Secretary of State Tony Miller ruled earlier last week that McClintock, a Republican, could not use the term “taxpayer advocate” on the ballot.

Miller said he routinely denies the use of “gun-control advocate” and “anti-abortion advocate,” preferring designations that more accurately reflect the candidate’s primary career or occupation. And, he said, he prefers to limit the designation “taxpayer advocate” to attorneys or accountants who represent taxpayers in tax disputes with the government.


But McClintock went to court and was able to persuade Ford that his duties with the taxpayer group entitled him to the designation.

“I was confident that the court would agree with my designation,” McClintock said in a statement. “It is unfortunate that Acting Secretary of State Tony Miller found it necessary to waste taxpayer money in this manner.”