Plastic Surgeon’s Killer Is Convicted

Associated Press

A Nazi sympathizer was convicted Friday of murdering a plastic surgeon he claimed gave patients “fake” Aryan features.

Cook County Circuit Judge Earl Strayhorn found Jonathan Haynes guilty of first-degree murder and burglary, and he ruled Haynes to be eligible for the death penalty.

Haynes, a 35-year-old former chemist who acted as his own lawyer, admitted shooting Dr. Martin Sullivan in his suburban Wilmette office last August.

But he justified the shooting as a defense of “Aryan beauty” and repeatedly denounced people who “dilute” such beauty with plastic surgery, hair dye and tinted contact lenses.


A penalty hearing was scheduled for May 4. After the hearing, Strayhorn will decide whether Haynes should be executed or sentenced to life without parole.

Haynes also faces extradition to California in the 1987 slaying of San Francisco hairdresser Frank Ringi.