Fingerprint on Box of Marijuana Found in Assemblyman Costa’s Home Was Not His

Associated Press

A fingerprint on a box of marijuana found in Assemblyman Jim Costa’s home was not his print, police reported.

The marijuana was found in the Fresno Democrat’s bedroom after he reported a burglary at his condominium in January.

Costa agreed last week to a police request that he be fingerprinted. Deputy Fresno Police Chief L.H. McDaniel announced Thursday that the fingerprints on the box did not match Costa’s.


Costa said he hopes his Republican opponent for the state Senate, incumbent Phil Wyman, now will stop using the marijuana issue in his political campaign.

Previously, Costa had said he thought the marijuana was either dropped by a burglar or planted by a political opponent.

“No one would like to see this crime successfully solved more than I would,” Costa said. “I will give my utmost support to putting an end to this matter. This would allow me to focus more of my energy on the pressing problems affecting the people in my district.”