What's Going On Down There? It's True Healy Fans Who Have Lost It

Looking back on four decades of L.A. sports, I count myself and my pals as blessed.

Scully. Wooden. Sandy and Big D. Elg and Jerry. Fernando. Kareem and Magic.

Having read my Morning Briefing each day and having eaten the fruits of victory and choked down the bitter pills of defeat, I now find myself broken and confused, sick at heart.

No more Healy at 5:30? Has KMPC totally taken the Tose turnout? Say it ain't so, L.A.


Silver Lake


How can it be that Jim Healy, an L.A. institution, is off the air and Silver-Tip Stu, who belongs in an L.A. institution, is on radio and television? Since KABC and KMPC are owned by the same company, I can only assume that Capital Cities has been the victim of a hostile takeover . . . by Leonard Tose.


Los Angeles

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