Moving Franchises Like Moving Furniture

Let me get this straight. L.A. steals the Rams from Cleveland, the Dodgers from Brooklyn, the Lakers from Minneapolis, the Raiders from Oakland and the Clippers from San Diego, and now I'm supposed to feel sorry because L.A. might lose the Rams and the Raiders?

I don't think so.


Laguna Niguel


Being a season-ticket holder since the Raiders moved to Los Angeles, I was distraught to hear all the talk about the Raiders going to Orlando, St. Louis, Baltimore, Oakland or the new city that seemed to pop up weekly.

But when Al Davis moved the Raiders to Los Angeles, he was promised a state-of-the-art stadium and the almighty luxury boxes. To this day, he has not received them.

Why can't Los Angeles build a new football stadium? We could pay for it like every other city, by raising the tax on hotel rooms and rental cars.

Please wake up and realize that a lot of cities will pay dearly for the greatest organization in sports. I don't want to fly to Orlando to see the Raiders play home games.


West Hills

Editor's note: What Davis was promised in terms of Coliseum renovation when he moved the Raiders here is in some dispute. Nothing is said in the contract on that point, and it was specifically stated by both parties when the contract was signed that there were no unwritten side agreements. Luxury boxes, according to the contract, were to have been built with $6.7 million that the Coliseum Commission gave Davis. *

I guess it's baa baa Rams.


Los Angeles

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