Orange Coast's Shammas Named Top Player

Outfielder Nicole Shammas of Orange Coast has been selected most valuable player of the All-Orange Empire Conference softball team, it was announced Friday.

Shammas, a sophomore from Woodbridge High, batted .377 and led the conference in runs scored (15) and walks (15). She had a .515 on-base percentage.

Fullerton's Alicia Robles (10-4, 0.52 earned-run average) and Cypress' Jenny Lopez (12-3, 0.38 ERA) were chosen most valuable pitchers. Robles and first baseman Kerry Moloney of Cypress the two repeat first-team selections.

Brad Pickler of Cypress and Nick Trani of Orange Coast were named coaches of the year.

The teams:


Pitchers--Jenny Lopez, Cypress; Alicia Robles, Fullerton; catcher--Judy Enami, Rancho Santiago; first base--Kerry Moloney, Cypress; infield--Jennifer Allchin, Cypress; Misty Marquis, Riverside; Christina Mazurie, Rancho Santiago; Virginia Vaioletama, Riverside; outfield--Amy Blohm, Saddleback; Alison Murphy, Cypress; Nicole Shammas, Orange Coast; utility--Lee Ann Morretino, Rancho Santiago.


Pitchers--Kelsi Armbruster, Orange Coast; Jocelyne Patrick, Rancho Santiago; catchers--Lucy Jacobs, Saddleback; Stefanie Ritchey, Orange Coast; first base--Laura Minard, Golden West; infield--Tami Dowlin, Orange Coast; Tricia Wedekind, Fullerton; Briana Yoshina, Cypress; outfield--Shannon Allen, Riverside; Tracey Colombo, Orange Coast; Renee Taylor, Rancho Santiago; utility--Annie Presutti, Orange Coast.

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