POP MUSIC : ***; MC 900 FT JESUS, "One Step Ahead of the Spider" ( American )

Cutting-edge rapper and all-around studio virtuoso MC 900 Ft Jesus (a.k.a. Mark Griffin) kicks his feet up and lays far back for his third album and major-label debut. The record's balmy and organic grooves are far from the electronic dance pulse of previous records, and now he steeps his hip-hop sensibilities in minimal, goatee-stroking jazz.

But "One Step" isn't just another easy-listening attempt at acid-jazz. The album has a sharp, cynical and thinking edge. It's a hybrid sound the 25-year-old Texan--who carries a college degree in trumpet!--has been mutating toward since his professional beginnings.

Griffin delivers lyrics with a cadence that shifts quite fascinatingly between those of a finger-snapping beat poet, a cheap detective novel and a bar-stool storyteller. The subject matter ranges from long, smoky tales (one song clocks in at 11 minutes) to one-shot scenarios. Saxophone, clarinet, flute and, of course, trumpet converge to make seductive and sometimes hyperactive backdrops. Machine-generated beats are extremely minimal, giving way to the more imperfect thump of bongos and drums, while the lone rap number on the album boasts clever wordplay above nifty sampling.

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