Beach Blanket Books

New this week:

THE TRIBE OF TIGER: Cats and Their Culture by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas (Simon & Schuster: $20). The author's stealthy observation, once again, produces amazing pronouncements about some of our closest animal friends. (Also available on audiocassette.)

FIRST OFFENSE by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg (Dutton: $22.95). Rosenberg's previous life as a probation officer authenticates heroine-in-peril Ann Carlisle's actions in this thriller. Suave first-time offender Jimmy Sawyer may be Ann's last chance in finding out who shot her. (Also available on audiocassette.)

SHADOWS OF DOUBT by Herb Brown (Donald I. Fine: $21.50). Former Judge Brown's forte is rendering the intricacies of courtroom maneuvers. Attorney Kathleen Sullivan attempts to defend her half-sister using the classic abused-wife syndrome; the one glitch in her strategy is an uncooperative client.

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