HUNTINGTON BEACH : RV Parking Ban Proposal Dropped

A plan to prohibit people from parking motor homes, boats and other oversize vehicles in their driveways drew protests from owners of recreational vehicles this week, prompting the City Council to drop the idea.

The stiffer regulations were proposed because of resident complaints that recreational vehicles are unsightly and block visibility for drivers and pedestrians, said associate planner Susan Pierce.

But a number of residents expressed concerns about the proposed revision to the city’s zoning ordinance.

Jean Polkow,a resident since 1971 who bought her home because there was enough room to park a recreational vehicle, said the proposed regulations would force people to put their recreation vehicles in public storage. She said local storage facilities are full, and if the proposed regulations were approved, it would have left RV owners in a bind.


But Pierce said there “are just as many people who would love to have (the proposed regulations) stay.”

Existing regulations allow recreational vehicles to be stored on a paved driveway or paved area on the homeowner’s property.

The matter still must be voted on by the council, because the Planning Commission has recommended that the proposed regulations be incorporated into the final draft of the revised zoning code.