Italian Grand Prix Put Back on Schedule--Trees and All

From Associated Press

The Italian Grand Prix is back on.

Three days after canceling the race, Formula One’s governing body on Monday said it was reinstating the Sept. 11 event following agreement on new safety measures at the Monza circuit.

The Federation International de L’Automobile (FIA) said it had approved a proposal for changes to the second Lesmo Corner.

“This solution, which changes the shape of the second Lesmo and reduces its speed, is acceptable to the FIA on the basis that it is for 1994 only,” FIA said in a statement. “As a result, the 1994 Italian Grand Prix has been reinstated on the calendar of the 1994 FIA Formula One Championship.”


The grandstand at the second corner will be removed and replaced with a gravel run-off area and new crash barriers, FIA spokesman Martin Whitaker said.

The angle of the corner will be made more acute, cutting speeds from approximately 161 m.p.h. to 105 m.p.h., Whitaker said.

FIA had scrapped the race last Friday after local officials refused to make changes that would have required cutting down 123 trees.

Under the new plan, no trees will be cut down.