PRO FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : AROUND THE NFL : Sanders Twists Ankle; Status Uncertain

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Cornerback Deion Sanders twisted his left ankle during a San Francisco 49er workout, going down in a heap during a pass coverage drill.

Sanders was carried off the field. Coach George Seifert said it probably would take a day to determine the severity of the injury.

Meanwhile, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue emphatically approved Sanders' $1.1-million contract, saying despite protests from other teams, the 49ers met every salary-cap obligation.

Tagliabue gave his endorsement during a meeting in Irving, Tex., in which the NFL completed plans for stocking the expansion Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

They will be allowed to pick from a pool of six players from each of the 28 teams and get one extra draft pick per round in the next two years, giving them a total of 14 to seven for each of the existing teams.

Also at the meeting, owners approved the proposed move of the Washington Redskins to Laurel, Md., but Tagliabue said the resolution does not bar Baltimore from getting a team. Redskin owner Jack Kent Cooke has said one team is all that the two cities can support.


Lorenzo Lynch of the Arizona Cardinals was put on a work-furlough program for failing to perform 100 hours of community service on an assault conviction in 1992.

The defensive back turned himself in Monday on a misdemeanor assault charge and was being held without bond.

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