LOS ANGELES COUNTY : Supervisors Cut Budget but Huge Gap Remains


The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday cut another $2.7 million from its current budget, but still is a long way from closing a $600-million gap between revenue and outlays.

The board also lifted the so-called “hard-core” hiring freeze that has been in place since last month. The supervisors cut $25.4 million from the $14.5-billion budget last Thursday. That was far short of its immediate goal of paring $53 million in spending from the fiscal 1994-95 budget.

The meeting started Tuesday with Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky proposing that the county make about $5 million in cuts. But by day’s end, the supervisors had shaved only $2.7 million.


Yaroslavsky said he is concerned that the board is having such difficulty reaching its $53-million goal, especially because the gap that must be closed is so large.

Chief Administrative Officer Sally Reed has told the board to cut $53 million from the general fund spending plan.