And the 'Losers' Are . . .

We're tired of the self-congratulations during Academy Awards season. So with pleasure, we note a flyer advertising "Oscar-less Night."

"150 million people . . . will not see these films," it boasts. "No celebrities will attend. No awards will be given. We will not go to Spago afterward."

"It came about because people were rather disgusted by the fact that in Los Angeles, the capital of the film industry, there's really no venue for alternative films of lesser, uh, production values," says Art De Leon, who manages Art's Building Jr., the Eagle Rock performance space where the screening will take place.

De Leon and a ragtag group of aesthetes created this anti-event, scheduled for March 27. Entries range in formats from 16mm to VHS and even Fisher-Price Pixelvision.

Budgets are as low as $2 per film. "People who make films in their back yard do more valid work than whoever did 'The Brady Bunch (Movie),' " De Leon says.


Cobain's Rise and Fall: After "Nirvana Unplugged," we thought the Seattle Sound couldn't get quieter. Then we spotted the newly released Grunge comics. The first issue tells the story of the late singer Kurt Cobain.

It's from First Amendment Publishing, the people who brought you the illustrated tales of Amy Fisher, Tonya Harding, Marcia Clark and O.J. Simpson.


Big Spender: A quick note to Keanu Reeves, whom the Social Climes staff recently spotted letting his hair down--whatever's left after his role as the crew-cut detective in "Speed"--in a Silver Lake espresso bar.

We felt a bit constrained to point this out at the time, but did you notice that glass thing to the left of the counter, Keanu?

That's the tip jar.


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