Work to Begin on New Castaway Site

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Construction is expected to begin soon on a new The Castaway restaurant in Burbank that will open for business in October or November, more than two years after the original was destroyed by arson.

The rebuilding of the hilltop landmark has been delayed for a year by a number of obstacles, such as opposition from nearby homeowners and an investigation by the restaurant owner’s insurance carrier, Wausau Insurance Cos.

Specialty Restaurants Corp., which owns The Castaway, originally hoped to add 4,124 square feet to the new restaurant. But the company was forced to scale back its plans after homeowners complained about the potential for noise and traffic from unruly patrons.


In August, the Burbank City Council approved plans for a new restaurant with several restrictions, such as a limit on the hours of operation.

“Everything is moving forward at this time as normally as can be,” said a Specialty Restaurants spokesman.

The project was opened for bidding this month and construction is expected to start in a few weeks, he added.