ROCK / PICK OF THE WEEK : Party Animals Plan to Shake It Up at Roy's : Folks can chow down for $10 and hear the bluesy rock style of Cocktails From Hell for free.

Santa Barbara's mellowing party animals, Cocktails From Hell, will bring their bluesy two-guitar rock assault and more than a decade of experience to Roy, the restaurant that the chief cook and bottle washer named after himself. All meals are $10 and all entertainment is the ever-affordable free.

Cecil B. DeMille (yup, the director's grandson) fronts the band, but what drives it is the guitar interplay between Eric Eisenberg and Bill McLain. It's melodic. It rocks.

You have to travel up the coast to see the band, which seldom plays outside its hometown.

"We're not better than anybody," said Eisenberg, "but nobody's better than us. But playing more than twice a week is very difficult for us, especially when no one can even remember when the songs are supposed to end."

Roy is at 7 W. Carrillo St., Santa Barbara. Call at 966-5636 for the starting time.

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