It isn’t chicken feed:Donna Broussard of Marina...

It isn’t chicken feed:

Donna Broussard of Marina del Rey phoned Universal Studios the other day to see if she could use her father’s visitor’s pass. The pass was 80 years old, she added, meaning it dated back to the time when the studio was a newly converted chicken ranch.

Officials verified its legitimacy (see above) and told Broussard to stop by anytime.

What we found really interesting was the proud Universal City slogan on the pass--"The Strangest City in the World.” Obviously, the town was in competition with Hollywood even then.



ARE THERE NO STANDARDS ANYMORE?Julian Myers of Century City insists that the other day a supermarket clerk said to him: “Strip toward me.” OK, so maybe she was referring to the proper way to insert a credit card. But these days you never know.


LIST OF THE DAY: “Clueless” is a comedy about Cher and Dionne, two rich high school girls bound together by the fact that both were named for “great singers of the past who now do infomercials.” But while it’s set in Beverly Hills, the interior school scenes were actually shot at Grant High in Van Nuys.


Some other movies and TV shows that were shot in part on local campuses:

* “Beverly Hills 90210" (Torrance High)

* “Stand and Deliver” (Garfield High, East L.A.)

* “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose,” “High School Confidential” (Hamilton High, West L.A.)

* “Grease” (Venice High)

* “Rebel Without a Cause,” (Marshall High, Los Feliz)

* “It’s a Wonderful Life” (the swimming pool scene), “The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer” (Beverly Hills High)

* “Hollywood High” (Hollywood High)


* “Beethoven” (Hughes Junior High, Woodland Hills)

* “Room 222" (Los Angeles High)

* “Grease 2,” (the former Excelsior High, Norwalk)

* “Casualty of Love” (Grant High). “Casualty of Love” could also have been titled “Clueless.” It was one of the Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco movies.


RICHARD NIXON, ROCKER: Next month, the Nixon Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda will open “Rockin’ the White House,” an exhibit described as “a lighthearted look at the influence of rock and popular music on first families and White House life.”

You’ll recall that Nixon was a good friend of Elvis--the living Elvis--who once asked to be appointed a drug agent.

While organizing the exhibit the library received a letter from the new owner of Nixon’s last home in Park Ridge, N.J., who said that his teen-age son has put up a poster in the President’s old bedroom.


“I’ll bet those walls have not seen a Mick Jagger poster before,” the father wrote.


The New Otani Hotel in Downtown L.A. recently wrote to the National Law Journal to announce that “with closing arguments for the O.J. Simpson trial taking place within weeks,” it is offering “guaranteed media rates” as low as $79 per night. Amenities include “morning coffee” and, more importantly, “shuttle service to the Criminal Courts Building.”