LOS ALAMITOS : Interviews to Begin for Advisory Board

Interviews will begin next month for applicants for the General Plan advisory board, an 11-member group that will advise the city on a General Plan update. It will consist of representatives from each of the city’s commissions, along with residents of various areas of the city.

Priority will be given to residents who have not served on city commissions, Councilwoman Marilynn M. Poe said.

“Each citizen who applied should be interviewed and very seriously considered,” she said. “When we don’t encourage this involvement, we contribute to complacency, and I would like to stimulate involvement with the General Plan.”

The council also will seek representatives from the five city commissions: Personal Appeals; Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs; Planning; Parks and Recreation, and Traffic. And the council hopes to include the school district and water district in the process as well.


The board will participate in a two-year revision of the General Plan, which provides direction on land use, housing, recreation, safety, urban design and economic growth, among other elements.

The council had received 25 applications by its meeting Monday night. It will begin interviews for the board before its next meeting, on Sept. 11.